United Railroad Services Co. offers comprehensive track inspection services, facilitated by one of our many FRA qualified inspectors. Our experience translates into accurate budget estimates, prompt emergency response, and thorough resolution of any inspection issues to meet all railroad standards and put trackage into service.


Highly qualified and seasoned inspectors will identify areas of concern on any type of track and ensure that track is up to code.


We provide an outlet for the legal and environmentally safe disposal of any railroad tie that cannot be rehabilitated.


Multi-lift system using an automated tamping machine that starts by laying rail, then flooding the track area with ballast. The rail is then lifted, leveled and aligned with each tie. This efficient method is capable of producing a mile of finished track per day, or 16-25 ties per minute.

Track Rehabilitation

United Railroad Services Co. will quickly and effectively repair track to minimize down time and keep track in service.

Track Take Up

We offer the fast and effective removal of unused, unwanted or abandoned track.

Maintenance of Way

United Railroad Services Co has specialized equipment and crews to remove all railroad materials from the right of way. We are able to work on and off rail as needed. We work with division engineers and roadmasters in a safe, organized and transparent manner.