Construction Related Services

United Railroad Services Co. is fully equipped for turnkey projects beginning with a full project assessment and discussion of exploratory design. We are diligent in acquiring design authorization from the railroad before surveying and earthwork. We furnish and install materials to the servicing railroad specifications. Upon completion of a job, we obtain the customer’s and serving railroad’s full approval.

Industry Track

From small to large projects, United Railroad Services Co. will facilitate the entire process from initial ideas to completion.


Our experience and relationships with the Class 1s is an invaluable asset when approaching railroad construction.

Project Design

Project Management


United Railroad Services Co. has a number of turnout specialists on staff and an abundance of turnouts in inventory. Most industry jobs accept relay turnouts at a significant savings. 


As we progress into the 21st century, more and more industries are recognizing the benefits of rail transit. United Railroad Services Co. is experienced in building transit projects at multiple locations in the United States.