Our Services

With over 30 years of industry experience, United Railroad Services Co. is well equipped to serve your railroad needs in a safe, organized and efficient manner.


Class 1  

Subcontracting services for main line railroads include tie rehabilitation and curve block production. United Railroad Services prides itself on the capacity to process large quantities of material and accommodate multiyear contracts.


United Railroad Services Co. is fully equipped for turnkey projects beginning with a full project assessment and discussion of exploratory design. We are diligent in acquiring design authorization from the railroad before surveying and earthwork. We furnish and install materials to the servicing railroad specifications. Upon completion of a job, we obtain the customer’s and serving railroad’s full approval. 


United Railroad Services Co. offers comprehensive track inspection services, facilitated by one of our many FRA qualified inspectors. Our experience translates into accurate budget estimates, prompt emergency response, and thorough resolution of any inspection issues to meet all railroad standards and put trackage into service.